One Mile Race

Great Salt Lake Marina - 1 Mile Race

The one mile event is a loop course from Silver sands beach to the GSL Marina.  This course will ensure that the one mile will consist of swimming, and not running and potentially tripping in shallow water.  Our goal is to reduce the chances of injury.

This race is perfect for triathletes and those new to open water swimming. Kayak support will be provided, with a kayak stationed at about every 1/10th mile increment along the course.

Water Temperature and Weather Conditions

Water temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid 60’s, so please be prepared. We have assisted (wetsuit, MP3 player, fins, etc) and unassisted (suit, cap, goggles) divisions. If you choose to change your division, please let a volunteer know at check-in. Current water temperatures are available on the Utah State Parks website. Local weather forecasts are available here.

In the case of inclement weather, the Safety Directory may cancel the race. In this event, refunds will NOT be given.

Park Entrance Fee and Parking

There is a $3 per car entrance fee for the Great Salt Lake Marina. Please be sure to pay this fee, or have your annual State Parks pass hanging from your rear-view mirror. You will be ticketed if you do not pay.

Race Day Schedule

Required Meeting Times - Saturday, June 11, 2022
7:15 am to 8:15 amRegistration, body marking and packet pick-up at the north end of the marina parking lot.
8:20 amKayaker/paddler support meeting at the bottom of the boat ramp. This is a mandatory meeting for all support paddlers. Swimmers do not need to attend this meeting.
8:35 amCourse preview and safety meeting at the Observation Deck. This is a mandatory meeting for all swimmers.
8:50 amSwimmers should begin making their way to Silversands beach for a beach start.
9:00 amRace begins

Check-In Procedure

Check-in will take place at the Observation Deck on the north end of the Great Salt Lake Marina Parking Lot 1-2 hours BEFORE race start. Participants will pick-up their race bags and be marked with their race number. Participants must make a final declaration of which division they will be entering (wetsuit or non-wetsuit) at this time.

Course Preview and Safety Meeting

There will be a mandatory course preview and safety meeting 30 minutes before race start at the Observation Deck at the north end of the marina parking lot. Swimmers will be given final instructions at this time and will also be allowed to ask any questions regarding the course and safety procedures.

Drop Bags - not necessary for the 2022 course

The walkway from the parking lot to Silver Sands Beach is on a rough surface and may be too rough for many people to walk on. You should have a friend or spectator assist you by transporting some sandals or shoes from Silver Sands Beat to the boat ramp.

Race Start

The start for the one mile will start at the waters edge at Silver Sands Beach.  Swimmers will swim north to the first green buoy about 100 yards from the waters edge.  They will then turn right to the next green buoy.  They will turn at that buoy to it’s red partner and then turn left and follow the red buoys back to the marina opening.  Once they come to the final red buoy just outside the marina opening they will enter the marina and head to the boat ramp.  Please stay to the right of all buoys except for the first green buoy where you will then follow the buoys staying on the outside of the red/green buoys.

Slower and less experienced swimmers are encouraged to position themselves at the rear or side of the group to avoid being unintentionally bumped or splashed by other swimmers.

During the Race

Have fun and enjoy the experience of swimming in one of the most unique bodies of water on Earth!

During the race, swimmers are required to wear the swim cap provided. This is for safety reasons and allows our support volunteers to keep track of each swimmer.
In the event that your find yourself in trouble, stop where you are and signal one of the support boats by raising your hand in the air. One of our volunteers will paddle to where you are. You will be allowed to hang on to the boat as long as you need. If you, or the support volunteer, feel that you are unable to continue, a boat will be signaled that will take you back to the marina.


The finish will be at the GSL Marina boat ramp  Once the swimmers exit the water, their time will be recorded.

Awards and Post Race Activities

Finisher medals will be awarded at the finish line. For non-wetsuited divisions, first place swimmer male and first place female will win an award. This year's award is a custom hand made knitted swimmer.
Post race food will be available at Black Rock. There is also a hose back at the marina near the boat ramp that swimmers can use to rinse off. Showers are not available at the marina.

Items to Consider Bringing

Shoes, Clothes, Towel, etc - Shoes, clothing, towels and other items can be placed in a "drop bag" that will be transported to the finish line for pick-up.
Body Lubricant - Due to the high salinity of the water, chaffing can be an issue. It is a good idea to apply body lubricants (Vaseline, BodyGlide, TriSlide, etc) to areas prone to chaffing. One of our sponsors, TriSlide, will have a pit-stop set up where you can spray yourself with TriSlide lubricant. Mouthwash - Rinsing with mouthwash right before the race will reduce the amount of shock your mouth goes through when first being exposed to the salt. Your mouth will thank you.


We encourage friends, family and other spectators to watch the race and cheer on our amazing swimmers.  The course is great for spectators as they can view the entire course from the marina lookout point.


The following maps are for the traditional course, and will NOT be followed for the 2019 race due to low water levels.