Utah Triple Crown

The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming consists of the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.  Each of these swims has its own unique challenges.

Utah has its own version of the Triple Crown consisting of three swims that must all be completed within one year. The three swims can be swam as part of organized races, or as solo swims.  The combined distance of all three swims is about 23 miles.

Each of the three swims are detailed below:

Great Salt Lake - 10K
This is a 10K swim made up of marked laps near the Great Salt Lake Marina.  The challenge with this swim is not only the distance, but the extreme salinity of the water.

The organized swim is held in June of each year. Details at www.greatsaltlakeopenwater.com

Bear Lake Marina to Cisco Beach (Bear Lake) - 10K
This swim is across the width of Bear Lake with the Bear Lake Marina and Cisco Beach being the starting and finishing points (can be swam in either direction).  This is about a 7 mile swim with water temperatures that are somewhat cooler than other bodies of water.

The organized swim is held in July of each year. Details at www.bearlakemonsterswim.com

Walsburg Bay boat ramp to Island Beach boat ramp and back (Deer Creek Reservoir) - 10-miles
This is the longest swim of the series. It is a beautiful mountain swim with changing scenery. Most of the swim takes place in Walsburg Bay (wakeless speeds for motorized boats). Once outside of the bay, the conditions can get choppy with a lot of boat wake.

The organized swim is held in August of each year. Details at www.deercreekopenwater.com

A current list of swimmers who have completed the Utah Triple Crown can be found at the link below:


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